Closing time, it's a bittersweet 10 minutes. Whether it's the blaring horn at the Bodega, the strong arm of Kyle at the Iron Horse or "The Final Countdown" at the Fox Club, it's that special time when you think you want to party more, but it's probably best if you just get your ass to bed. Here are the 5 best places to be in Missoula after your bartender yells "you don't have to go home but you can't stay here!!".

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    Taco Bell on East Broadway

    From 1:45-2:30 am any night of the week, you'd think the very tolerant crew at the Taco Bell near campus was serving solid gold chalupas, judging by the line. And waiting in line to order is the FUN part! Your friends who wouldn't be caught dead listening to country music on a sober day have "Red Solo Cup" up at top volume, crazy girls are falling out of their cars looking for some place to potty and smoke is billowing out of windows all around you. It's almost like concert venue tailgating, except instead of a killer rock show, all you get is a squishy bag fulla beans, cheese, tortillas & mild sauce.

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    Somebody's Bed

    Or even your own, as long as you've found that special someone who will be taking the early morning walk of shame quietly through the maze of your passed out roommates on the living room floor.

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    Dirty Joe's

    Every visiting band & metal head in Western Montana has been to Dirty's at least ONCE. Even if you don't think you have, you have. Complete with walls covered in beer signage & concert posters, a beer pong table, full band equipment & fully stocked Jäger shelf, Dirty Joe's is definitely the place to be after hours if you wanna run into dudes in bands and hot metal chicks.

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    Ultimately, in all seriousness, the very best place you can be at 1:45am on party night/morning, is a UCALLUS car. These guys began as a few friends dedicated to keeping drunk drivers off the road and due to popular demand, have exploded into a booming business that still runs on donations from riders. Cool bunch of drivers who won't judge you and who will make sure your car is somewhere that you can find it again the next morning, these guys are like your sober bro who'll do you a solid and come get your silly drunk ass with just one phone call. This number should be in your cell phone 880-1673.

    Photo by "alexonassignment" at KPAX
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    The Mad Dash

    The Mad Dash is that super important 15 minutes between the time the bartender kicks you out and the time the convenient store closest to you stops selling alcohol. This is a great place to be for many of the same reasons listed in #1, lots of fun people in line and the time constraint makes it that much more fun. Plus you get that final 12-pack to ensure something dumb is gonna happen when you get home.