Yep, I heart your face, but you should know that by now. There are a billion reasons to love you, I mean you're a dedicated, loyal Blaze listener, that alone makes me adore you. As the Program Director of this station, I spend a load of time trying to make it sound rad for you, and the fact that you appreciate that almost makes me want to hug you. Almost. But as you know, I have an aversion to hugs. But I do not have an aversion to you, I heart YOU, and here are just five reasons why.




When I see you, you buy me shots. Whether it's at the tip rail at the Fox Club, a casino in the middle of the day or at a show jam packed with people trying to get up to the bar, I can always count on you. Even when you're broke, you still get me a shot, and even when I'm broke, I try to get you back. I like that about us.


You rock my f#*+ing balls off! You come to every Blaze show no matter how big or small. Korn at the Adams Center...Royal Bliss at The Lucky Strike, you don't care, you just love to rock. And you BRING IT, you don't just show up and mill around in the back. Hell no. You're armed with nothing but a flask and your smartphone, fighting your way to the front, horns raised as high as they can go. That's HUGE, that's awesome, and it's what will connect us, always.
Chucks getting autographed by Volbeat.


You wear rad shoes. I would never run into you and find you wearing flats, dress shoes, Crocs or any of that other horsecrap footwear. It's black boots, Converse, Vans, Adidas or flip flops. There are a few exceptions, like if you're a dancer, outside of that, not a whole lot of other acceptable options. Your shoes look good on you, I like this about you.


Your T-shirt collection is very respectable. Made up of mostly black concert T-shirts, your stack currently in rotation boasts the likes of Metallica, Pantera, Kyuss, Korn, Sevendust, Rob Zombie, Avenged Sevenfold, Drowning Pool and a minimum of one Universal Choke Sign shirt. Your T-shirt says everything about you, and I'm always proud to be seen out with you and your top wear.



You're down. Getting permanently tattooed for a chance to get backstage, you're down. Ass cheeks pierced together for concert tickets, you're down. Topless motorbike ride down Reserve for tickets you only half care about winning, you're down. Skipping work to hunt for free beer, you're down. Posting a half naked pic of your wife online in attempt to win prizes, you're down. Getting a broken nose in the pit just for fun, you're down. You're down like a clown, this is an important quality if we're gonna' spend another dozen years together.