Canada's finest white trash crew are back with a new installment to the "Trailer Park Boys" saga. A few years ago the Trailer Park Boys brought their live show through Missoula, after the show they spoke of ending the Trailer Park Boys series. Thankfully they didn't go through with it and are bringing us a new movie, just in time for the 4/20 holiday.

According to Eone, the movie synopsis is:

Out of jail and broke, Julian concocts an outrageously greasy scheme to get rich and, to make it even greasier, he will have to deliver his product to his arch-enemy, Cyrus, who's waiting in Montreal to close the dirty deal. Meanwhile, Ricky's dope growing business is under a major threat when the government announces a plan to legalize marijuana, so he heads to Ottawa to make an impassioned plea - in the way only Ricky can - Say No to Decriminalization. Bubbles reluctantly joins them on his own quest to claim an inheritance left to him by his long-lost parents. Hot on their trail is Ex-Park Supervisor Lahey and Randy, who have never given up on the dream of seeing the three reprobates in jail once and for all; and they will stop at nothing, including a wild drunken episode on Parliament Hill.