I like using reusable grocery bags instead of getting plastic every time I go shopping.  The only problem is that I only have a few reusable bags and when I go to the store, I always end up buying more than what fits in the few bags I have. I don’t want to spend the money to buy all the reusable bags I need. Of course, I went to the Internet to try to find a solution to my problem. What I found was a very simple, and almost free, way to make my own reusable shopping bags.

All you need is a T-shirt that you don’t use anymore, some thread, scissors and a needle (or a sewing machine). All you have to do is lay the shirt out flat and cut the arms off.

The neck is where the opening of the bag will be, so you want to make sure it’s big enough so whatever you want to put in the bag will fit. To help cut a big neck hole, you want to take a bowl and lay it over the neck, trace the bowl, and then cut along the line.

The last thing to do is turn the shirt inside out and sew the bottom together. If you want to make the bag sturdier then just double-stitch the bottom of the shirt.

Turn the bag right-side out and you’re done! This is a great way to get a little more use out of an old T-shirt and save some money on shopping bags.

Joy Larson is a mother of four boys, graduate of The University of Montana, animal lover and writer.