Tyler Hennes, an 18 year old from Stevensville has been battling osteosarcoma for 4 years. When Ty learned that his cancer has spread even more, he created a bucket list...One of the many items includes a dance party with a DJ for him and all of his friends. We believe that with the help of the community we can absolutely make Ty's dream come true.

We are currently in the planning stages of this event. Below are a list of items needed to truly create the best dance party possible, we are hoping some of you can offer services to help make this a party he will never forget. We ask that you take a look at the items below and see if there might be anything you can do on your end to pitch in. Comment below in the Facebook field if you wish to donate, or email tallestdj@1075zoofm

Update: The event is scheduled for next Friday. Exact time and location TBA.

Party items needed. We will cross off the items and add the sponsor once the item has been spoken for. Please check back often to see if the list of items has been changed and which sponsors are contributing.

Venue (medium sized) -

Food -

Beverages - 

Party Favors and Decorations -

2 or 3 DJ's - Tallest DJ in America/DJ Christian Jackson/____________

Tables/Chairs/Dancefloor - Montana Party Time

DJ lighting and sound - RMF Entertainment, DJ Chritistian Jackson, DJ L-Rock

Fog Machine -

Inflatables (Bouncy castles, bull riding, etc) -

Power Generators-

DJ Booth -

Please take a moment and help us network to make this dream become a reality for Ty. On a related note, his family has also set up a donation and fundraiser page to help beyond the dance. We ask that you consider contributing a cash donation for the rest of Ty's bucket list.

Below is a special message from me to Tyler.