Per and G Nizzle have gave me a full on "Metal Chubber" with the release of their Bio Pic "A Day With Universal Choke Sign". I have always loved the behind the scenes looks at a bands life, but this is different. This is local legends rep'n their hood. These guys have put a lot of blood, sweat and jagermeister into their work and it shows. They appreciate (or should I say LOVE) their fans and Missoula. (March 2011) When given the opportunity to perform live on the same stage as Drowning Pool and Pop Evil, UCS took it as a blessing from the rock gods to prove to themselves and us that they have what it takes to be more than just a name on the bill. As Brendan Fraser says in the movie Airheads "Don't talk to me about Rock 'n' Roll! I'm out there in the clubs and on the streets and I'm living it! I AM ROCK AND ROLL"

The video has your usual cast of charecters. Per, JJ, Dayv, Justin, Cherie, Angel, Shawn, GNizzle, Red, Dirty Joe, Eddie, Greg and Yours Truly. It is a "first person" view of what it is like to be on stage at the historic Wilma Theatre.

Much Love too the guys from UCS and too all of you that showed up to the "Birthday Bash Hangover" back in March and made it so special for the guys. And most of all the video is dedicated to Reese Cape, our brother in rock, that we lost earlier this year