Earlier today I stumbled across a facebook post from one of my high school buddies who swears he just witnessed a UFO in the skies over Billings Montana. At first you want to just say "yeah right dude! Put down the pipe." But when you realize he is serious as a heart attack, you start to wonder if he is telling the truth.

According to Michael's report
I heard a plane with a propeller and looked up and there was a round-ish silver object near it in my field of view but much higher up, I focused on it, thinking it might be a balloon or something and watched it for about 5-6 minutes, it started jerking around a little bit which made me watch it even more closely, then I saw a plane flying almost right at it from the East, I looked at the plane and when I looked back the 'UFO' split into 4 parts and took on a different color, like a yellow-ish color. Then the 4 parts just flew around with each other, sometimes it looked like one was leading the others and they were like flying in formation or something. They were heading North and eventually got so far away that I lost track. It was f@#king awesome.

A video surfaced online back in 2012 in Billings that oddly demonstrates exactly what Michael describes he witnessed today.

What is causing these strange lights. Is it extra terrestrial or just the product of somebody letting to many balloons go at the car lot? You decide.