Stretching our legs during an hour long road block on 4th of July Pass

We left at 3pm on Friday the 18th to brave the roads to Cheney, WA for a 2 game hockey weekend against Eastern Washington University.  This just happened to be the same day as some of the worst weather and roads that we have seen all year.  At one point, A small black car skidded off the road behind us... UM Lady Griz to the rescue!  My hockey team and I came together and pushed the front of the car and released its from the snowbank entrapment.  Who needs road side assistance when you have the UM Womens Hockey Team there to help you?  A few Hours later, we were stalled in a road block that lasted a full hour making us miss our game that night. All in all, crap road+crap weather= a 7 hr road trip that should have only been 3 1/2 hours TOPS!!!! 

After reaching Cheney we were able to reschedule our missed game for Sunday morning and prepared for the game the next  night.....
1st Game- Saturday night we played EWU.  The first period ended up being a little more challenging than expected.  EWU came out strong and aggressive (so agressive that they tallied 10 penelties by the end of the game).  There were  a few instances where I expected to see one of my team mates drop gloves and brawl, but we held it together.  It took just the time in the locker room between 1st and 2nd period to breath and refocus.  We rocked 2nd and 3rd period walking away with a 6-3 victory.
2nd Game- We returned the next morning for round 2.  Withing the first 11 seconds of the game, we were up 1.  My team continued to pummel their goalie with shots as I watched from the net on the opposite side. There were a couple breakaways and rebound shots from EWU, but none with success.  2nd period- One of our girls was checked by the other team mid ice resulting in a concussion.  She was taken to a hospital in Spokane and we sent another player with her.  Now its the seven of us (6 skaters and me in the net) vs. a full bench of EWU players, for 2 periods.  Long story short, though highly outnumbered,  we won 9-1.  The fact that our injured player was going to be fine made the win even sweeter.
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