I discovered the new UCS video this morning when I got to work. Lets just say that I didn't accomplish anything for at least an hour. I watched this video over and over and I think I may have pee'd a little in my britches from laughing so hard. Per, UCS' bassist, has out done himself once again with this new video. I gave him a call earlier and asked him what the inspiration behind the video was and he said "I saw a Pantera song dubbed over a Sesame Street video once and it cracked me up. I thought it would be cool to do the same thing for my band's music. Besides, there is always an inside joke with the band mates about how JJ (UCS' Frontman) sounds a lot like the Cookie Monster when he sings." Per goes on to say  "Everytime the lyrics say "I guess that you aint getting this" I focused on the Cookie Monster's cookie held in front of the camera."

The editing on this video makes it a masterpiece and Per isn't quite sure why he spent so much time on it. But it paid off. Check out yet another amazing UCS video.