As we continue to get pounded by snow. I got serious "POW POW" fever. So Im gonna set you up with another one of my favorite songs to ride too. The winter storm looks like it may let up a little before the weekend. As you find yourself shacked up inside your house tonight staying out of the cold, take a time out to watch today's Vidiot pick. A band that is no stranger to snow. From the great white north of Anchorage Alaska. Their album "Snow capped romance" and "The tide and the takers" are some of my favorite albums to fall down a hill too. Super cool dudes that have actually paid a visit to Missoula back in 2008 with Trivium.

In their video "We gave it hell", the bands offer up a kick ass soundtrack to tear up the hills on sleds. With some live performance footage and some sick snowmobile footage. It makes for a well rounded video.