Angel and I both agree that this video is one of the hottest to come out of 2011. As morbid as it may sound. The hottest part of the following video is the library full of chicks in their underwear, dancing around as the ceiling rains blood..... I KNOW! WE NEED COUNSELING. I do have to say that one of my best memories of 2011, was my road trip to Seattle in April to see the Deftones live. The Paramount Theatre in Seattle reminds me of the Wilma's snooty cousin. Chino and the band rocked out everything in their arsenal from their albums Adrenaline to Diamond Eyes. I honestly have to say that "It was worth the drive".

As I count down the best videos of the year. I like to reflect on some of my fondest memories of 2011. The road trip to Sea-town was in my top 10. That is why I present to you our feature presentation: