The days of the "BIG Budget" music videos have seem to have faded away. Like take GnR's "November Rain" for example. That video made you feel like you were watching a movie and not a music video. Well, FFDP decided that htey would give it a shot and amp up the "cinematic" value of their video for "Remember Everything."

According to "Five Finger Death Punch have decided to revive the lost art of storytelling in their latest clip for ‘Remember Everything.’ “We’re tired of band videos where all you see is musicians playing in some random church or out in a desert,” frontman Ivan Moody explained to USA Today. “We thought this song deserved something with more taste and passion to it.” The heavy message is put on full display in the video that shows how emotional abuse manifests from childhood to adulthood. When the lyrics are paired with the imagery in the video, it adds a heart-breaking new angle to the experience. Although there are no instruments featured in the video, all the band members do make brief cameos throughout