The hills of western Montana are getting slammed with snow. So much so, that it is increasing the avalanche danger. But that isn't gonna keep the die hard powder hounds from taking advantage of this crazy amount of snow. I have a serious case of the "POW POW" fever but have all ready run out of "sick days". So, I'm stuck here at work daydreaming about falling down a hill. With this winter storm upon us, I took it on myself to feature videos from some of my favorite tracks off of my "snowboarding playlist" on my Ipod.

The first track on my playlist is from the German band "Guano Apes". According to their official website "Rock’n’Roll has a language all of its own, where “musical differences” means more money, mo’ problems and “pursuing solo projects” translates as can’t stand the sight of each other. It’s a high octane cocktail which can explode at any moment. But with a tweak here and a touch of enlightenment there, the chemical balance can be restored with astounding results. We wouldn’t want it any other way. Take the emotion out of music and you are left with silence. Well, it’s about to get loud". Their song "Lord of the boards" is usually the first song I hit play to on my first run of the day. The lyrics follow a story about a snowboarder who encounters a snowboarder of the "third kind". While on the slopes they discover a little alien who also enjoys falling down hills. The video features the band rocking out in a gondola and performing some minor stunts while hitting the slopes.