Brandon and the guys from Incubus are getting after it again in 2012. They recently released a new album "If Not Now, When" back in July 2011. They followed that up with the kick off of a 18 month world tour. Featured as one of the headlining acts for "Rock On The Range" in Columbus Ohio in May. Which is the reason behind me choosing today's Vidiot pick.

I had a local stripper try and convince me that she used to be close friends with the band back in their early years. Telling me things about how her and Brandon Boyd used to do all sorts of mind altering substances that would make Hunter S. Thompson cringe. I immediately wrote off her story, because "can you really believe a stripper's stories?" But after checking out their video for "Take me to your leader", I am thinking she may not be full of s#!t.

In today's Vidiot pick, Brandon is a flat out hippie/caveman. Like a scene out of the movie "The gods must be crazy". In a very ancient/psychedelic look at the early years on Incubus. Circa 1995.