I was planning on getting out and seeing a movie tonight. One of the movies on my list was supposed to be "Mission Impossible IV". But I guess I waited too long to get out to the theaters because it isn't playing. Now I have to wait until it comes out on DVD. I guess I will have to settle with something stupid like "We Bought A Zoo."

Since we are on the subject of Mission Impossible. Limp Bizkit performeda track that was featured on the Mission Impossible II soundtrack. It is called "Take A Look Around". The song was actually chosen over Metallica's song "I disappear" as the theme song for the movie. In the video Fred Durst and the crew team up to take down some "men in black."

On a side note: Today also marks LB's guitarist, Wes Borland's, 37th birthday. So because of Wes' Bday and the fact that Im bummed I can't go see the new MI:IV, here is my pick today.