As we continue to get snow across Western Montana. I keep adding to my "Snowboarding" playlist on my Ipod. I have everything from Punk to Ska to Hip Hop to Metal. It is a well thought out list of songs. One song that has been on my "playlist" for 10 years is from the Welsh band Lost Prophets. I discovered these guys randomly on a compilation CD. The first time I plugged this band into my Discman (yeah I said discman) was while making my first run off of the top of the Blackcomb glacier in British Columbia. The song "Shinobi vs Dragon Ninja" was the first track on their album "The fake sound of progress". I plugged in my ear buds and hit my first run as fast as I could. The song made me think my "twins" were bigger than they are and I ended up dislocating my shoulder on my first run. Needless to say, my memories of the song are bittersweet.

Don't forget that this Friday morning, Angel, will have another 6 pack of lift tickets to give away on the Blaze morning show. It is your chance to win free lift tickets to Snowbowl, Lost Trail and Lookout pass. Until then, take a break and check out yet another track off of my "Snowboarding" playlist.