I had QOTSA playing in my pickup earlier today when I was carting Angel around on errands. She was cracking me up the entire time. Naming off specifics on all QOTSA videos. For example : " Dave Grohl is wearing a black shirt and blue jeans in the "No one knows" video." I couldn't help but to include a QOTSA video as today's Vidiot pick of the day.

In this video you will see one of my dream rides. I have always wanted an Ol Skool Bronco just for mobbing around in. In today's featured video Josh Homme and the fellas of QOTSA are out on an evening drive, when they accidentally plow into a TOAD of a mule deer. When they get out to inspect the critter,it jumps up and turns the tables on the guys. The deer hijacks the Bronco and ties the band to the hood. Then proceeds to drive around trying to run over every human it can find. Including a troop of boyscouts.

Just like I try to tell every person who thinks killing deer is cruel. "If they had the opportunity to kill you and your family, they would. Luckily enough for us, we are at the top of the food chain."


Also, just to be an ass. Check out this gnarly picture titled Deer vs Durango.