If you haven't gotten your ticket for Tuesday's show. Slap yourself in the mouth. This is gonna be EPIC. Wayne Static is gonna rock Downtown Missoula! Time is ticking for you to get your guaranteed admission to the show. Pick up your tickets TODAY at Rockin Rudy's or Ear Candy for only $20. 5 bands for $20 is a friggin steal.


Today's Vidiot pick has got to be one of my favorites. Add this one to my long list of "MUST SEE" music videos. The video is simple and hilarious. I was rolling on the floor laughing within the first minute. And then proceeded to "piddle a little" in my Pantaloons. It is apparently "Based on true events". The video starts off with cops, Wayne and his censored junk. As well as some time lapse footage of him, his wife and some random hottie, having one hell of a bender. May not be suitable for the "tricycle motors" a.k.a the "curtain climbers".

The song "Assassins Of Youth" is the first single released off of Wayne Static's solo album "Pighammer".