You know him, and love him, as the ShamWow Guy or the Slap Chop guy.  He's Vince Shlomi, and he's back with a new must order product!We thought Vince was done for after his arrest in March of '09 for slapping up a hooker.  Remember, he picked up a chick at a night club and simply wanted to pay her $1,000 for her services.  However when he attempted to french her, she bit off his tongue and that's when the kind of debauchery that can only be cleaned up with a ShamWow ensued.



That said, you can imagine our excitement upon seeing Vince's shady mug back on late night TV.  He's now pimping a glorified lint brush called the Schticky.  In typical Vince fashion, he not so cleverly drops in dirty innuendos during the amazing new 2 minute ad.  You remember "you're gonna LOVE my nuts!" from the Slap Chop commercial.  He kicks it up one in the Schticky campaign with "problem with that shedding pussy?".

See it for yourself.  Order in the next 24 hours and Vince will invite you to his hotel room for a tongue biting slap fest!!