I thought we'd all mastered texting and walkng by now but clearly this chick has not.  Or maybe we've only mastered it here in America and they're still working on it in Canada?

This dude was watching some boring newscast about budget deficits when he spots this hilarity on live TV, being a quick thinker he rewinds, records & posts online... to our delight.  You can see this victim of technology punching away at her phone as she unknowingly approaches a set of concrete stairs...and then she biffs it.  I'm convinced her BFF had just texted "OMG jst saw ur ex at lunch with gay Bruce from accounting!" because she's totally distracted.  I'm also convinced she suffered injuries since she never does get up, I don't know about you but I'd definitely take a broken ankle over a busted phone.  A few people run to her aid but she just lies there, likely finishing her response text "OMG STFU!!".

The very best part of this video is when the guy recording it giggles, check it out.

Girl Bites It While Texting On Live TV - Watch More Funny Videos