Alright, time to start making your traveling plans for Van's Warped Tour 2012! Dates have not been announced for the usual stops in George, WA or much less ANY stops in Idaho.  I hope this is not a complete date list!  The line up is looking OK for the Punk and Rock categories, but the Metal side of things is looking promising!  I have such a good time at warped tour but the funny thing is how organized I get about it.  I actually make a list of the bands (I call it my hit list) I want to see with ratings on how bad I want to see them.  Lame I know, but effective!

Anyone who has ever been to warped tour has probably ran into the issue of forgetting who is on what stage at what time, or having two bands they want to see play different stages at the same time.  I love to hear new music but have a habit of being drawn to what I already know and have a hard time remembering new band names.  My list fixes this issue.

About a week or two out I print out a list and preview ALL the bands listed for the date I'm going to.  I cross out any bands I have no intention of seeing or rate them on a 1-3 scale of how much I want to see them. Then when the date comes, copy the time and stages down.  Now I don't have to miss anything! There is only one issue that I have ran into that this list doesn't solve.

Scenario:  Unknown band with a rating of 2 playing on a different stage, at the same time as another unknown band also with a rating of 2.

Fix?:  I then ask myself, "How drunk am I and How far away is either stage?"

My hit list so far:

After the Burial
Anti Flag
Born of Osiris
Chelsea Grin
Falling in Reverse
Miss May I

And that's only halfway down the list! God I wanna go!!!!!