They call him the "Wiener Eater."

Over the weekend, I walk into the living room and the fam is watching this Guinness World Records on Tru TV and I'm like what is this crap. So I start watching and become addicted for three full episodes. So much for getting anything productive done with that extra daylight saving hour.

The entire series is bananas. There was a chick going for the record for most "butt skips" with a jump rope, and another really cute chick busting watermelons using only her thighs. But my favorite clip was the wiener eater trying to break the record for most whole hot dogs shoved down in 60 seconds. WHOLE hot dogs. No gag reflex. A dream prison roomie.

The best is when the announcer says watching this made him aware that he has a gag reflex. So many jokes to be made. See for yourself if he makes it into the Guinness World Records or fails.