Sure the government shut down might mean no Christmas at the White House, but finally, there's some happy news.

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In an effort to show their support for the newly unemployed, and take mercy on the fact that these people can no longer afford toys, is offering free vibrators to all "non-essential" government employees. A lot of my family work for the U.S. Forest Service, I can't wait to tell them about this amazing offer!

I love that the self proclaimed "vibrator enthusiasts" are not even trying to disguise the toys as "massage wands" to ease the pain and stress of being unemployed with no pay. They're straight up like "you've got nothing better to do with your day, stop watching Maury re-runs and try this out!"

OK, that's not a real quote from them, but it's the impression that I get about this fun website.

Here IS an actual quote from, "Be careful following the rules outlined below. 200 vibrators per day maximum", so you've been warned. They seem to be going pretty quickly.