The Westboro Baptist Church crew has had a busy couple of weeks. First it was the Boston Bombing victims, then George Jones, now Chris "Mac Daddy" Kelly of Kriss Kross and Jeff Hanneman of Slayer.

Now, I am a firm believer of the first amendment. I'm thankful that I can speak my mind everyday, for a living. I will  even exercise my right to say what I want now.

"These hillbillies are not using their freedom of speech, they are wiping their asses with the Constitution, burning it and pissing on it's ashes. "

Preaching HATE and demonstrating at private funerals is not what the first amendment was written for. But it is legal for them to do, and that makes people afraid to stand up to them. The Hells Angels have done a fine job blocking the WBC from funerals, but when is somebody going to turn around and just knock them out? I'm hoping it is a Slayer fan.

The Hell's Angels have to do their best to remain out of the light crime and violence, so they can't loose their tempers too much. But a Slayer fan, on the other hand, is a crazed vigilante with a message. "Just try it and see what happens."

According to the Huffington Post

The church group tweeted about Hanneman's death by including a photo of him performing alongside fellow Slayer guitarist Kerry King coupled with a separate image of another recently-deceased performer, Kris Kross' Chris Kelly along with the line "Which of your idols will God kill next?" and the hashtag #picketfunerals.


Slayer hasn't commented on the WBC just yet, but fans are already speaking out.