Ice fishing is picking up across Montana. Now is the time to gather your gear and head out to the frozen water.

Chancy from Snappy’s
Chancy at Snappy’s says the colder weather has yielded some nice reports for Lake Mary Ronan’s. agood solid 6-8 inches of ice, and guys are running into kokannee 10-11 inches, Middle Thompson starting to good some nice ice and reports of perch pike and kokannee, for Beaver Lake getting in on the road can be a challenge but can yield lots of kokannee 8-9 inchers, Loon Lake has some nice rainbows be aware the regulations for sizes, McWinneger Slough just part Snappy’s still doing well at night on croppy, Bitterroot Lake the North end has some ice on it but not quite ready, Ashley Lake heard it’s froze but no real reports yet, East Bay on Flathead Lake is froze and doing well on macks and perch, Pablo Reservoir by Polson doing well on perch. Chancey reminds us of the fishing tournaments for the area starting January 26th and 27th.

Leonard from Roberts Bait and Tackle
Leonard from Robert’s Bait and Tackle says lots of snow and ice out there. Holter’s has 8 inches, Nylon and Willow Creek have 10 inches, Bynum has 20 inches, Francis has 12-14, Tiber 10-14 inches, Fresno has 14 inches, Baileys has 11 inches, Beaver Creek has over 8 inches, Arod 10-16, Newland have over 10, Ackley has 11, and Piscan has 15 inches. Fishing wise, Nylan and Willow Creek doing well on trout with maggots and jigs, Bynum had a lot of perch, Francis few smaller Northerns in the 3-6lbs bracket, and Fresno few walleye’s being caught, and Leonard reminds us of the Willow Creek Derby January 26th. If you have any questions or need rod & reel repair call Leonard 406-454-1877.

Shelby from Rocky Mountain Supply in Dillon
Shelby from Rocky Mountain Supply in Dillon describes the ice fishing tournament benefiting the Beaverhead Search and Rescue on the 26th 7am to 4pm. Reports of the ice thickening up and folks already setting up their ice shacks on Clark Canyon Reservoir in preparation. Annually 300 or 400 people sign up, so it shapes up to be a good tournament. For the February 1st and 3rd Coyote Hunting Derby, Rocky Mountain Supply still taking applications for spots in their Hunting Derby. If you’re in the Dillon area, stop into Rocky Mountain Supply for more information or call 406-683-2308.