Ever listen to a song and sing along only to find that you were singing the wrong lyrics?  Happens to us all but with alot of hilarious outcomes! A listener called in the other day to ask "What is that Soundgarden song called, I think  it goes 'running from a black guy?'"  This made my day yesterday when I found that he was talking about Soundgarden's Black Rain and the actual lyrics are "running from a big day"  Another work friend of mine admitted to thinking Elton John's Tiny Dancer was "hold me closer Tony Danza."  Upon further investigation, I found there are many misheard lyrics.  these are just a few of my favorites:

Mudvayne- Dull Boy- "all work and no play makes me a DOUGH boy"

Foo Fighters- My Hero- "There goes my hero, he's OLD AND HAIRY"

Blink 182- What's My Age Again- "WHERE'S my ASIAN FRIEND?"

It doesn't even have to be song lyrics, it might even be the band's name.  when interviewing Black Heart Vacancy, they shared this information with me:

My personal downfall has always been Pearl Jam. Who the hell can tell what Eddie Vetter is trying to say in Even Flow?  This might help....