What if you could tell how good a person was in the "sack," just by seeing the type of beer they drank? It would make it a little easier to narrow down possible targets at a barbeque. The dating site, Zoosk, recently did a survey that discovered how your favorite type of beer tells how your sex life is.

I am back and forth, when it comes to beer. Depending on the seasonal. I will drink craft beer and I will also drink "light and domestic." Let's see what that says about how I perform in bed.

Based on the Zoosk survey

1. Domestic beer drinkers are more likely to be looking for someone to MARRY. They also tend to be traditional, and don't like public displays of affection.

2. Microbrew fans have had more ONE-NIGHT STANDS than any other type of beer drinker. 74% said they've had at least one of them. And 54% said that in a perfect world, they'd have sex EVERY DAY.

3. People who prefer imported beer are more likely to still be VIRGINS. But it's just 4% of them, so it's not a crazy high number. They're also more likely to be introverted, which goes along with the virgin thing.

4. 92% of LIGHT beer drinkers are willing to date someone with kids.

5. People who opt for LOW-CALORIE beers are the most prone to LONG-TERM relationships. 75% have been in at least one of them.

Apparently, I am always ready for a XXX throwdown, whether you have kids or are a gold digger.