Another awesome night at the Dark Horse, good music, good people, good times. But then again, I would expect nothing less.  I will admit, I didn't know exactly what to expect, but Underride was awesome enough to give me a "heads up" interview.

Interview with Underride Thursday, May 3
Part 1

....and part 2

And now for what actually happened:

Local openers Walking Corpse Syndrome played their first full set in Missoula with new front man Leif (previously of Mageddon) followed by the notorious High Voltage who also unveiled some new vox, Kevin. I personally cant wait to see them again on Saturday, May 12th at Monk's.

The first time in Missoula for Underride, the second for Burn Halo and, fingers crossed, not the last.

I had such a blast at this show.  I'm an Eighteen Visions fan, so I was excited simply because James Hart was there... but whats this? He's a hockey fan? I skipped over next door to see what was going on there and there is James Hart watching the NHL playoffs! I walked over and started BS-ing about hockey and the thought didn't strike me till later... I got nervous and don't remember if I even introduced myself before I started yammering on about hockey, he probably thinks I was some crazy stalker rando... my bad!
A great show from all bands present but I think I do have to give the gold star sticker to Underride.  It has been awhile since I have seen that much energy on stage!  So much that I couldn't help but being right up in the front jumping around like an idiot at a few points. Oh yeah, bonus points for me, I didn't lose my shoe this time!