Recently while out with some new friends, I was offered a Bear Fight. Being one of those smarmy know it all a-holes, I would normally have tried to play it off like I knew what the hell these girls were talking about. But I had zero clue, so I had to ask what it was.

The girls explained to me that a Bear Fight is an Irish Car Bomb chased with a Bull Blaster. I love both of these drinks but one at a time is plenty.

If you're not familiar, an Irish Car Bomb is a shot of Baily's and Jameson dropped into a half a pint of Guinness and taken as a bomb shot. And it's delicious.

A Bull Blaster, or Jagerbomb, is a shot of Jager dropped into half a pint of Red Bull and taken as a bomb shot. Some drop it into beer but Red Bull is definitely the way to go.

Now imagine what your guts feel like after taking both in less than two minutes. Urban Dictionary gives the following definition & sample sentence:

A drink, of sorts, consisting of two drinks taken one after the other. An Irish Car Bomb and a Jägerbomb. You simply line them up and take one after the other, wait 5-10 minutes, and then you will know how it has earned it's name.
We were at the bar and I ordered a round of Bear Fights for the group. Afterwards, everyone was excited and suprised at what was going on in their stomach. It was as if a Black bear and a polar bear were fighting inside them.

Seeing as it's St. Paddy's Day, if you are offered one of these, take it. On a normal day, maybe not so much.