The Cuchini is a cushion that women can put into the crotch of their bikini bottoms, swimsuit or underpants to prevent camel toe.  I believe this commercial originally aired in 2009 but I thought of it the other day when I saw a woman with a hard core moose knuckle. Like full on, right there in public. She had on white stretch pants and her tutu didn't quite cover her camel toe. So that lead me to think "this woman needs the Cuchini" and "why is a grown ass woman wearing a tutu in public?"

Like all great YouTube videos, the greatest thing about this post are the comments. One person wishes the camel toed ladies in the commercial had a similar product for their mouths, another exclaims "We guys totally disagree! Show the toe!"

Perhaps you have a friend or relative who would appreciate receiving this for Christmas? Oh! That just sparked a contest idea, what if we asked you to send in before and after photos and awarded a prize for most improved camel toe!? Yes! I'm calling the Cuchini girls now!