The NSA scandal is causing people to be a little paranoid about what they discuss on the phone. Reports say that the government is listening to 1 out of every 5 phone calls you make. What have they learned from listening to our calls and watching our internet habits?

You will say just about anything to get off the phone with your mom.


You put way too many "izzles" on the end of your words for a white person.

That time you told your parents you couldn't have dinner because you had to work late?  You played "Candy Crush" all night.


The word "amputee" comes up in an alarming percentage of your Google searches.


Your Facebook posts aren't as interesting, witty or insightful as you think they are.


It takes you two hours to watch an episode of "Game of Thrones" online because you keep re-watching and freeze-framing the nude scenes.


You haven't opened a picture Mom emailed you of her cats in over a decade.


When not griping about the government spying on you, you're using a telescope to do the same thing to your hot neighbor.


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