You've heard about the guy who's been hiding cash around Los Angeles and giving out hints on where to find it on Twitter. And every Christmas, there are holiday angels who go to stores like WalMart and Kmart and pay off people's lay away.

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Sometimes it's random acts of kindness like that, and other times it's simply people taking care of people. Small stuff like seeing somebody drop money and returning it, and big stuff like comforting the victim of a car crash until help arrives.

And then there's the pay it forward deal, like the story of the woman who found an envelope on her car with cash and a note from a stranger saying they noticed she had bald tires, and wanted to pay it forward as somebody had done to them.

Missoula is a damn friendly community compared to most. If we see each other broken down in the middle of Russell, we jump out and help you push, if we see an elderly woman trying to shovel her walk, we take over for her.

What is the nicest thing a stranger has ever done for you?