You Blazers have been wondering "Who is gonna fill in for JC while she is overseas?" Well, I think you long time /loyal listeners will be delighted to find out who has agreed to get behind the mic.

Lets not get to far ahead of ourselves with the speculation. We know that the person behind the mic is a member of the Blaze family. According to his jock bio he writes -

According to my Facebook timeline (that’s how we judge the reality of things these days, right?) I’ve been away since July 2007. It’s all a bit hazy, really…mostly because I drove through some nasty forest fires when I moved away…and I’m pretty sure some of that Montana smoke still resides betwixt my ears

His name reflects that he is an ordained minister of all things rock and metal, but we are still checking with the archdiocese to confirm. He likes to "go deep," and you will hear his baritone voice 10am-2pm M-F starting Tuesday 11/13.