I know you all are super stoked to see Reel Big Fish, but how much do you know about the other bands playing that night? Let me introduce you to The Maxies, The Mighty Mongo, and Suburban Legends.

The Maxies

Slightly off center and invading from Greenland The Maxies will be at the Wilma Sunday night.  English grammar might not be their biggest strength but they definitely have a grasp of the language so if you are at work turn this one down a bit and do as the Maxies say, "Americans...get preparation."

The Mighty Mongo

Party-pop punkers The Mighty Mongo dub their fans as "Mongolians." They are a long way from their hometown of St. Petersburg, Florida, pack a lot of energy, and do a great cover of "Bad Touch." 

Suburban Legends

Do you like cartoon sing along songs? Do you Like Ska? Do you want to see them blended together? Look no further than Orange County, California's Suburban Legends