Good question. Another great question is why did KC and I just have a full 25 minute discussion about the douche they call Beibs?And for the record, I'm not just using the word douche all willy nilly. Justin Beiber spits on his fans, barfs on stage and wears a vest with no shirt. If you're Marilyn Manson or in the Clash or Judas Priest, this works. When you're a 12 year old talentless brat, not so much. ANYWAY...

I'm not here to rip on The Beibster, I'm here to tell you about his wonderful products! May I introduce you to the "Just In Beaver" love doll?

I mean, who couldn't use one of those! You can buy 'em at Spencer's in the naughty section. So I'm telling KC all about this amazing discovery and he retorts with a tale about Justin Beiber breast milk ice cream. What?? Yes.

This is an actual product distributed to confused little girls in England, but I couldn't find any proof that this, or any other breast milk ice cream is named after Beibs. There was real breast milk ice cream out a couple of years ago though but that place got shut down.

I guess my point of all of this is, next time you need a gag gift (pun intended), blow up sheep are SO yesterday, it's all about the Just In Beaver. And you know this.