The super amazingly funny Will Ferrell hosted an 'Ask Me Anything' chat session on Reddit today and it was fantastic.


If you've never participated in an AMA, it's when celebrities take to Reddit for an hour to answer fans questions. No matter how much you know about the person answering, you are guaranteed to learn something new by the end of the hour. My all time favorite session was when Dave Grohl did it, I learned a few things and it was just rad to watch the interaction and quick, sarcastic responses as it happened.

This Will Ferrell session ranks right up there, so damn funny. And it was for charity, Will explained in this intro:

People of the Interwebs, I've decided to do my FIRST-EVER AMA on behalf of my favorite non-profit, Cancer For College. I could have done my FIRST-EVER AMA for lots and lots and lots of things. Movies! My book! My sunscreen! My range of crocodile purses!

But, this World Cancer Day, I wanted to support Cancer for College, which helps provide college scholarships to cancer survivors.

If you want to join me, your support of this important cause could win you THE prize of century – no, not a trip to the Catalina Wine Mixer, but a chance to race golf carts with yours truly, eat a sensible lunch side by side, and maybe make sock puppets. GO HERE:

Donations also guarantee you fun things like signed cowbells and my "Super Sexy Hot Tan" sunscreen.

AMA !!

Will's latest project was voicing the character "Lord Business" in The Lego Movie, which is out this weekend.