Spring is in the air. For some of us that means those damn "gophers" are gonna start crawling out of their holes and destroying your Grandma's garden. Time for me to oil up the old Remington .223 and grab a case of beer. Cause "the only good varmit poontang , is DEAD varmit poontang" -Bill Murray (Caddyshack)-

While President Barack Obama was organizing a targeted operation to kill terrorist leader Osama bin Laden, it appears that former President George Bush was taking care of his own business in Texas – well, sort of.

In this hilarious video from Funny or Die, Will Ferrell reprises his Dubya impersonation once again to make a special address from the Sizzler Steak House, where, after gathering his meal, he delivers an important message to our nation.

“I’ve personally overseen a strategic and covert operation that killed the gopher who’s been tearin’ up my back yard. This gopher has been responsible for terrorizing Laura’s fruit trees and diggin’ up holes all over the yard, causing me to trip and fall over them no less than 15 times a day.”

Your move, Obama.