It's that special time of year again, your chance to win free beer for a year.

Photo by Angel

It's the 14th Annual Blaze Easter Keg Hunt! Find the keg to win free beer for an entire year from Draught Works Brewing.

Clues start on April 14. You'll get 3 clues per day, one on the air, one at the Blaze Rock Mob and one at Draught Works. Now is probably a good time to sign up for the Rock Mob if you're not already a member.

Get familiar with the location of Draught Works too, as you'll be getting one of your daily clues there. And if you decide to swing in, I would personally recommend is "That's What She Said" cream ale. Soooo yummy!

Photo by Angel

Draught Works has a rad patio that is almost impossible to leave when the weather is nice, plus they're family friendly and have a bacon event coming up that we can't wait to tell you about. They're open every day at noon with 6 locally brewed beers on tap and seasonal brews in rotation. Every Monday they'll buy you a pint when you refill your growler, they feature live music on Thursday's, Saturday's and Sunday's, plus there's always free Gardetto's!

If this is your first year for the hunt, what you're looking for is a full sized keg, painted red and black like a Blaze Easter egg. It's not out there yet, again, clues start on April 14th.