The surprise Smashing Pumpkins show on Sunday sold out so quickly that people are begging to get tickets. For those of you upset about not getting your ticket in time. We are going to give you your chance to take your aggression out on an innocent pumpkin tomorrow (10/5) at the Rosauers parking lot. It could be your chance at scoring tickets to the SOLD OUT show.

I will be broadcasting LIVE from the Rosauers parking lot starting at 10am. Stop by and claim a number from me and starting a 1pm we will begin to call out numbers for a chance to smash a pumpkin for Smashing Pumpkins tickets.

If your number is drawn you will get the choice of what pumpkin you wish to destroy and your choice of weapon. Choose between a bat, hockey stick, golf club or just "put the boots to it."

To get you motivated for tomorrow's pumpkin massacre. Check out this short video of slow motion Pumpkin Smashing.