It has always been clear to me, that when the snow starts to fly, the elk start to appear. In my years of chasing after those damn critters, I have always had a better chance at bagging an elk after snow falls. Fingers crossed this winter storm might up my odds this weekend.

According to

Hunters are reporting that deer are moving, maybe in response to early rutting activity, but mild weather is taking its toll on hunter motivation and overall success, especially finding elk. Ideal golfing weather is not ideal elk hunting weather, but it is November and old man winter should be here soon. John Peterson from H and H meats said the first two weeks of the season were the best his wild game processing plant in Missoula has experienced in a couple of years. “We have had quite a few animals come in the past week and surprisingly a lot of elk,”

I don't know where all of "YOU" are hunting, but I haven't seen JACK SHATNER! I really need to see the cold weather heat up the hunting. If anything, it will give me a reason to accidentally track a "moo" cow for miles (which I have done on more than one ocassion)