Just last night, over a refreshing pitcher of PBR, local boys Airstream Safari introduced me to the game "Words for Friends." Instantly, I was addicted.  I rushed into the studio this morning to brag to Angel that I might have found a replacement for my beloved Angry Birds. She told me not to get kicked of an airplane.  After a confused look, she finally explained what happened with Alec Baldwin on American Airlines.

Long story short, Baldwin was playing Words with Friends on his phone when the passengers were asked to turn off their electronics. Alec refused and was eventually asked to leave the flight for non compliance.  To make things even more entertaining, in retaliation for his removal, Alec preformed a skit on Saturday Night Live posing as an AA pilot apologizing to himself!  To see the report, *Click Here*

As a side note: Airstream Safari will join me on Sunday at 5pm for Local 406