The first ever "World Championship of Burping" took place recently in New York. Featuring 5 competitive eaters. This years winner, you may recognize from the "MTV True Life - I'm A Competitive Eater." His name is Tim "Eater X" Janus.


According to , " Janus, who weighs in a whopping 165 lbs., employed an actual strategy for his turn — He chose to gulp a bunch of air then he chugged 2 gallons of Diet Coke and Mountain Dew."

According to the WBF website, “Burping is a fundamental part of the digestive process, and the near universal stigma surrounding it has planted the seeds of shame in countless number of people, contributing to a subtle, but significant, degradation of the human experience.”

18.1 seconds is what won it. Get 2500 Blaze Rock Mob points now.