Have you seen the viral photos of the self proclaimed 'world's best father' in funny situations with his baby? They're awesome and now there's a video of the now 3-year-old daughter reviewing the photos.  As a new father, Dave Engledow started taking the photos and posting them as a goof for family and friends on Facebook. As they started to go viral, he continued to take hilarious photos.

Stuff like him snuggled up in a chair but you can see the baby stuck outside through the living room window. Or him letting baby play with fireworks, making her iron clothes and holding her like a football while he squirts breast milk from her bottle into his coffee. And all while holding his "World's Best Father" coffee mug. It's brilliant.

My favorite is dad and baby doing laps around the kitchen island while mom guzzles wine. He's even released a book called "Confessions of the World's Best Father."

From fotoblur.com

Little Alice Bee is now 3, here she is reviewing her baby photos.