I am a Craigslist virgin. Well I WAS until I went there today to see what my friends down the hall were chuckling about. What a s**tshow! Everything from scary randos pretending to be looking for models to women trying to find dudes who may or may not have glanced at them at the gas station to couples looking for women to have their baby! Total, total insanity.

The original purpose of Craigslist was to allow people to barter with other people in their community and even in their country. As if going to a strangers home to buy their used blender wasn't creepy enough, now you can visit the site and pay to have an underage hooker delivered to your door. How do I know? Because the guys who run that deal right here in Missoula were recently busted and are in jail. That's some sick s**t.

There is some funny stuff on Craigslist though, like this guy:

Okay so I got on my least stained wife beater and went to walmart to do a little hoggin. So I strutted in and saw a fee checkin me out. I decided to hunt some big walmart monsters. So I went in to see if any BBWs had any tax money left so I looked around and found a few. I was just about to go home when there she was over 400 lbs of lovin. when she walked her ass shaked in unison with her 7th chin. I caught a whiff of her moose breath as I turned sideways to get past her it was beefy. I watched her push her overloaded cart to the chip isle when she (really happened) lifted her 200 lb thigh and busted off a greasy fart that sounded wet and blubbery. she started laughing,, I started laughing and then she said "time to take some logs to the mill". her girlfriend said gross Sharla. so needless to say I decided not to hunt BBW that day. Next Episode 2 BIG FOODSTAMPIN AT BBW MART

And I'm sure you've seen, or even posted WAY funnier stuff than that, but keep in mind this was my first trip to Craigslist so I haven't seen it all yet.

Photo by David Turnley/Getty Images

People are so damn desperate. Really? You're gonna' jump on Craigslist and try to find the guy you saw bicycling past your house yesterday? Go to a club and pick up a man for cripes sake.

So I don't think I'll be going back to Craigslist, at least until my coworkers are cracking up about some insane post again, then I'll look. Otherwise, I'll be sticking with Walmart for a new blender.