One of my favorite local Facebook pages is called "You Know You've Lived In Missoula If...". Scrolling through it inspires a whole lot of "Oh yeah! Remember that!?"

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Anybody can post to the page, I haven't yet, but here's what I came up with off the top of my head.

You know you've lived in Missoula if...

You have moshed at Jay's Upstairs and hoped to be there when the floor eventually caved in.

You have roller skated at Skate Haven.

You have played video games at The Odyssey.

You have hung out at Hamburger Ace and cruised the drag.

You know who Red Bex and Tommy the Leprechaun are.

You don't use your blinkers.

You remember when driving to the Southgate Mall or KMart was considered driving "all the way across town."

You remember when The Palace was The Underground and then Trendz.

You've partied at the Northside Park.

You have gone swimming at Jacob's Island.

You know the delight that is 4B's tomato soup.

You have experienced Testy Festy and are still brave enough to go every year.

You have seen a movie at The Fox Theater or the Go West Drive In. Especially if you smuggled friends into the Go West in your trunk!

You remember when the Mustard Seed was on Front Street.

You have hung out in the parking lot under Higgins Street bridge on a Friday night.

This list could go on forever, what would you add?