Learn how to survive the zombie apocalypse and receive college credit! Michigan State University is now offering an online course titled Surviving the Coming Zombie Apocalypse: Catastrophes & Human Behavior... and you get two credits!

When I first heard about this, my imagination split from the reality of what they could possible teach you in this class.  I pictured different chapters in a text book reading "What Happens When you are Bitten," "How to Properly Decapitate the Living Dead," or "The Importance of the 'Double Tap.'" Then it was the possible scenario of the University of Montana adopting a similar program.  It probably wont happen, but having a passing grade for "Surviving the Coming Zombie Apocalypse" would be the most badass thing on my transcript (plus, how cool would it be if ordering stuff from Zombie Tools was considered buying school supplies?) .  And then.... reality snapped me out of my day dream of graduating college with a Bachelors of Zombie Slaughter. What the hell WOULD they teach in this class?

The class is actually a Social Sciences course covering human behavior in catastrophic circumstances in history (natural disasters, epidemics, etc...) and how to prepare for future events (like a zombie apocalypse).  I liked the image in my head better, but the class sounds interesting none the less...  They even have a cool promo video!