Even if you don’t remember buying them, you probably have most of these CDs somewhere in your house. Based on numbers from the RIAA, these are the 10 Best Selling Hard Rock + Metal Albums in the U.S.

Led Zeppelin have sold a staggering number of albums in the States. The band’s discography is filled with timeless classics. No Led Zeppelin has sold less than a million albums in America. In fact, no record besides the Coda collection has sold less than three million copies. The band’s all-time best seller, though? It’s Led Zeppelin IV, which has moved an unbelievable 23 million units in the U.S. alone.

Another international band that found immeasurable success inside our 50 states is AC/DC, racking up enough platinum albums to fill a warehouse. Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap and Highway to Hell sold five and seven million copies, respectively, but it’s nothing compared to the 22 million albums of Back in Black purchased by Americans. Nobody could have expected AC/DC to roar back so ferociously right after the death of Bon Scott, but with Brian Johnson on the mic, the Aussie legends experienced their largest commercial success.

Whether you love or hate them, Creed have sold a lot of damn albums. At the turn of the century, the record industry was at one of its highest points, as it was right before the crushing industry collapse that made platinum albums a virtual impossibility for future artists. Creed’s 1999 album, Human Clay, moved an incredible 11 million units in the U.S., so don’t pretend you didn’t like Creed back in the day!

Check out the 10 Best Selling Hard Rock + Metal Albums in the U.S. in the Loud List above!

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