I love giving gifts during the holiday season. Some of the people I love to give gifts to are my neighbors. I always think it’s nice to give them a little something. Nothing too expensive, but something useful or delicious. It’s nice to add a little holiday note with the gift too. Here are a few ideas.

Bag of Snack Mix – “Mix it up this holiday season.”

Bag of Ice Melt and Scoop – “Wishing you a safe holiday season this year.”

Plate of Christmas Cookies – “Here’s a plate of sugary treats for a sweet neighbor like you.”

Scented Pinecones or Candles – “Hope your Christmas is scent-sational!”

Soup Mix – “Simmer your holidays with love.”

Flashlight – “You sure light up the neighborhood.”

Frozen Cinnamon or Orange Rolls –  “Hope you have a great time rising to the holiday occasion.”

Christmas Cookie Cutters – “Hope you cut out a perfect Christmas this year.”

Giant Candy Bars – “Hope your holiday is a giant success.”

Bag of Nuts in the Shell – Pistachios or peanuts are good options. “Try not to go nuts this Christmas.”

Joy Larson is a mother of four boys, graduate of The University of Montana, animal lover and writer.

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