In dire straits? Rent coming up, and you simply don't have enough to cover it? Or maybe you just need a little extra cash to get you through the weekend. Fear not, fellow Missoulian. Here are 10 "uniquely Missoula" ways to make a little extra cash.

1. Sell your plasma at the Missoula Biolife

I'll admit, I do this! On average, one can make about $50 a week. The environment is actually much better than I first imagined. Not creepy or unwelcoming at all. And the people who go there are from all walks of life (primarily college students). In a little more than an hour you can pocket a good grip of cash...that is, if you can get over the fear of needles in your arm...

2. Sell your unwanted clothes at Runway Fashion Exchange

I was pleasantly surprised to see how much money I got for a large garbage bag of slightly used clothes. If your wardrobes consist of recognizable brand names and are still trendy (no wide collars or plaid blazers from your dad's closet, please), you should let the crew at this store pick through them before you send it off to Goodwill. You might rake in some serious dough!

3. Donate your sperm

While some men might consider their "kids" sacred, others see the little swimmers as a treasure chest! At the NW Cryobank in Missoula, you could score $1000 a month. Just don't be surprised if you see your mini-me bouncing around on the Southgate Mall train toy accompanied by unknown guardians in the next three years, or so...

4. Find a part time job on Craigslist

Search the Missoula Craigslist section, you are bound to find something that suits your needs, and your wallet. Although, it might not be wise to reply to the job listings marked " the back alley of Ryman Avenue"

5. Hit up a pawn shop

I personally love the boys at First Interstate Pawn on Reserve, although there are numerous Missoula pawn shops (these guys are just right down the road from my radio station). When you have some electronics you never use, or maybe a video game or jewelry, pay one in your neighborhood a visit. You tend to make about 20% of the actual value (sometimes more), but still, it's money.

6. Get a payday loan

This one to me is a bit of a trap, that is, if you don't get caught in the vicious cycle of paying off loans with another loan (been there, done sucks). However, if you just need enough to get you by between paychecks, go for it. But like I said, be careful. EZ Money on Stephens Ave. seems to be the one that is getting the best local reviews online. (Update: according to a few Facebook comments, apparently payday loans are against the law now! In my opinion, that's a good thing.)

7. Use a metal detector at Caras Park after a festival

I know a guy that banks at least $20 in loose change each time he goes out to this downtown park following Brewfest (or any large fest for that matter). One time, dude scored a crispy $100 on the hill by the tent!

8. Set up a roadside stand

Roadside sales can rake in some quick moolah. Pick high-profit items that aren't highly perishable and/or have a high cost/sale price ratio; cold soda, corn, baked goods, flowers. One of my buddies sold glowsticks near the entrance of the fairgrounds during the fair season. Another sold bottles of water at the Missoula Marathon (to the spectators). Just make sure your stand is within the boundaries of legal limits. Make sure to ask for permission before setting up shop.

9. Scalp some tickets to a Griz Game/Wilma concert, etc.

So you're wallet is lean, you need cash, and it suddenly occurs to you that you are sitting on tickets to a football game, a show at the Top Hat, or Tech N9ne's 75th performance at the Wilma. If the water dept. is threatening to cut you off for non-payment, scalping those tickets could save you from a dirty, smelly fate.

10. Head to a reservation casino

One thing Montana certainly seems to have an abundance of are casinos and slot machines. A relative of mine scored $500 at the Grey Wolf Casino off a $10 bet! If the Indian casinos are a bit too off the beaten path, just hit up a local Town Pump (or practically any other gas station), grab a seat and double down! One bonus? Most casinos serve up free drinks! Cha ching!


Got any other suggestions on how to make a quick buck in Missoula? Sound off in the comments below.