Our staff had an opportunity to tour the new Missoula Airport, which is currently under construction and set to open in April, with an open house in early April 2022. There will be a ribbon-cutting at a very special time and date, February 22, 2022 at 2:22 p.m. Until then, here's what you have to look forward to with the completion of Phase One, see our photos below!

  • KettleHouse Bar and Grille
  • Black Coffee Roasting Company
  • Coldsmoke Tavern with a keg room in the basement.
  • Local presence throughout, including goodies from Bernice's Bakery.
  • Automated inline screening system
  • Car rentals in the parking lot
  • "Montana Modern" decor, with wood filling steel beams and natural seating.
  • Air filters and purifiers throughout the building
  • Polished, concrete finished floors, saving millions in building costs.
  • Only operating escalator in Western Montana
  • More parking spots
  • New wide lanes for drop off and pick up, with one lane dedicated to Uber/Lyft/Taxi traffic.
  • Conference rooms
  • Outdoor patio for drinks and watching planes take off after you go through security.
  • Large bathroom stalls, family bathroom, and nursing room for new Moms.
  • Water bottle filling stations
  • Places to charge phones/USB outlets and electrical outlets.
  • Service animal relief area
  • Large windows for enjoying our beautiful views.
  • Presecurity area open to the public so that your loved ones can grab food and drinks and watch your plane arrive or depart.
  • Heated sidewalks to avoid dangerous ice overs and use of chemical rock salt.

And in case you are wondering, zero local tax dollars were used on this project. Phase One of the new Missoula airport was funded by user's fees.

20 Impressive Features at the New and Improved Missoula Airport

Missoula's new airport will include large windows for loved ones to watch planes depart and arrive, and the only escalator on this side of Montana! Plus, a keggerator system for the Coldsmoke Tavern.

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